Selected Academic Papers

Forthcoming. “The Virtue of Industry and the Instrumentalization of Work“, Points of Interest 5, Special Issue: Philosophy and Work, Then and Now.

2019. “From Experimental Natural Philosophy to Natural Religion: Action and Contemplation in the Early Royal Society“, Experiment, Speculation and Religion in Early Modern Philosophy, eds. Peter Anstey and Alberto Vanzo, Routledge, pp. 184- 203.

2019. “Locke and the Jesuits on Law and Politics“, Jesuit Philosophy on the Eve of Modernity, ed. Cristiano Casalini, Brill, pp. 426-443.

2016. “Hedonism and Natural Law in Locke’s Moral Philosophy“,¬†Journal of the History of Philosophy¬†54.2, pp. 203-225.

More papers can be found at my page here.